Updated September 1, 2021

The highly transmissible Delta variant of Covid-19 has put a wrench in us getting back to normal life, even post-vaccination. Science and data change frequently with this disease as we learn more about it daily, and information on necessary protocols will be updated if/when something changes.

Ongoing research by pulmonologists, vocologists, and vocal researchers indicates that Covid-19 is extremely dangerous for singers. Even mild cases have a high probability of causing lung damage, vocal pathologies (such as vocal paresis), hemorrhage, nodules, or lesions, which can either be temporary or permanently detrimental to a singer. We are seeing these injuries even in healthy young adults and teenagers. It is the recommendation of the studio to get vaccinated as soon as possible, as the risks of death or long-haulers syndrome from Covid-19 are exponentially higher than the minimal, days-long side effects associated with the mRNA vaccinations. For more information about how Covid-19 effects singers, click [here]. For more information on mask efficacy, or when, where, and which ones to use, click [here]. For information on the safety of the Covid vaccines, click [here].

Current studio protocol is as follows:

Thank you for doing your part to keep students healthy, happy, and singing.