Music that lacks heart, even if expertly crafted, is not truly music. With over twenty years of teaching experience, Andrea Randall-Luyties offers individualized vocal technique that incorporates somatic and emotional alignment to create a performer who is an effective storyteller for the audience.

The purpose of music is always to create a direct line of communication between audience member and stage performer while conveying the composer's intent and evoke emotion in the listener. Singers who sing with free and healthy production are better equipped to let go of the technical elements of singing, get straight to the art of the story, and foster empathy.

Singing can be an emotional release, and, as such, the psychological connection between body and mind is an important facet of personal growth as well as an important factor within acting and the characterization of repertoire. The focus of lessons is often both creative and intellectual, with emphasis placed on the emotional freedom of the voice, body posture, muscle memory, breathing, vocal registration, vocal health, cross-training, and physical and mental relaxation, all while educating students on vocal anatomy, terminology, and best practices.

Mrs. Luyties's studio is comprised primarily of college- and high school-aged students who are preparing to major in musical theatre at the university level as well as young professional students from TUTS Academy. Styles taught range from musical theatre and classical music to pop/rock, as those are the styles expected of current colege level BFA freshman. It is the mission of this studio to equip students with the tools they need to have successful musical careers and a lifelong love of singing on or off the stage.