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As we begin audition season, the question I get asked quite often is “what should I wear to my audition?” There is a seemingly simple answer being that your outfit should look and feel like you and reflect your personality. But there are  a few basic “rules” you might want to consider as well.

When walking into the audition room you’ll have just a few minutes to showcase who you are both as and as a person and a performer. In addition to your chosen music, your outfit should reflect your everyday style and personality without being too casual, or too dressy.  Are you eclectic, preppy, vintage, grungy, trendy, a little bit country, or a little bit rock n’ roll? Don’t be afraid to show that. You also need to choose an outfit that is flattering to your shape, that you feel confident in, and move well in for your singing audition. If you have a sweater you like to wear over your dress, consider adding a belt to pull in the waist.  Choosing shoes that are too high or super short mini skirts where you can’t bend over if you drop something or where you haven’t spent extensive time walking and SINGING in isn’t recommended. There’s actually a really great study here about how the height of women’s shoes affect head positioning/vocal tract and how that can affect singing. (Spoiler alert: high heels are not great for high belting) 

Look for patterns, accessories, and colors that are unique to you and catch your eye. Basic black can still be really cute if you have accessories to really make it pop, like funky shoes and a scarf. If you love cats and find a cute pair of cat earrings go for it…but maybe save the dress with a giant print of your own cat’s face on it for another day. 😜 Your makeup can be like your daily wear or a tad heavier than your everyday wear, but your hair should be away from your face if possible. Pinning or “bumping” your bangs away from your face might be a good idea if your song’s blocking means you’re going to be messing with your hair a lot or have hair falling in your face detracting from the emotion of your piece.

Don’t neglect your creativity in your dance auditions outfit, either. The dance audition panel especially needs to see your body shape here and how well you move through the outfit you choose. A little color here goes a long way, nothing too crazy or fancy, just form fitting with clean lines.

Guys, these rules also apply to you! Show them who you are in your style. Corduroy, jeans with dress shoes, pops of color in your slacks, sweaters, vests, bow ties, ties, rolled sleeves, sports coats, and scarves are all perfect for those winter auditions in cold states. You can show more creativity that just slacks and a button up.

Also keeping in mind that you’ll be traveling to multiple states during auditions and layering will most likely be necessary unless you decide to have a cold weather audition outfit and a warm weather audition outfit. Here is a link to my Pinterest Board showing some examples that might help you get started in choosing something that feels right. Just remember to have fun when choosing outfits, and ask your style savvy friends or your Mama to come shopping with you when you need help. And, as always, BREAK A LEG in your auditions!


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  1. Excellent tips and very well written! I will be sure that all of my students have access to this!

    Jody Haas

    29 Oct 18 at 8:17 pm

  2. Thanks! 🙂

    1 Nov 18 at 4:26 pm

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